Welcome to the pre-registration for Camp Wonderopolis™ 2017: Build your own Wonderocity! Sign up now and cement your spot at the ribbon cutting when Camp opens June 12. This year's Camp features six new tracks of Wonder and learning where you, your group, or your family can explore and learn together.

Pre-registered Campers and Counselors will get an early invitation to Camp check-in, when you'll be able to set up your account and get started constructing your Wonders. We'll send an email with all the details as the big day gets closer. Until then, you can always build up your sense of Wonder at Wonderopolis.org!

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More About Camp Wonderopolis 2017

We're constructing new Wonders this year at Camp Wonderopolis with a theme of Build your own Wonderocity. Camp will enable programs, families, and individuals to customize their experience to their needs while campers explore different tracks of STEM-based exploration. Along the way they will build their vocabulary, background knowledge, and literacy skills.
When you register as a Camper (kids of all ages) or a Counselor (parents, library staff, teachers), you will be able to:

Pre-register now for this summer's journey, and stay tuned for more details as the ribbon cutting draws near!