Thank you for pre-registering for Camp Wonderopolis 2018: Symphony of Wonders. This edition of Camp will be a toe-tapping, finger-snapping good time as we explore the magic of music.

Camp officially begins June 11, but pre-registered Campers and Counselors will be granted early access. You'll receive an email before the public start date, and you'll be able to dance your way through six tracks of Wonders, Maker activities, reading lists, and lots of fun ways for you and your family to learn together.

**SPECIAL NOTE: Pre-registration is open to Parents, Counselors, and Campers age 13 or over. Parents are not able to register Campers under the age of 13 and Counselors are not able to connect to Campers during pre-registration.

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More About Camp Wonderopolis® 2018

Camp Wonderopolis 2018 will have you humming along as we explore a Symphony of Wonders about music. March to the beat of your own drum as you compose a customized Camp experience. You can explore Camp lessons in any order and at your own pace, whether you participate by yourself, with your family, or as part of a classroom or summer learning program.
All registered Campers and Counselors will be able to: